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The Henley Centre for Customer Management (HCCM) is a unique collaboration between business and academia whose aim is to promote and encourage excellence in Customer Management (CM).


A focus on managing customer relationships and a desire to provide a memorable customer experience are two factors that distinguish organisations that lead in the provision of excellent customer service. As a result, Customer Management has become a management tool of great strategic importance. The future development of Customer Management depends not simply on more investment in IT, but on understanding how Customer Management really works; building transferable knowledge and turning it into effective practice.

The Henley Centre for Customer Management, under the directorship of Professor Moira Clark, provides a genuine opportunity to harness the forward thinking that could put you ahead of your competition. It brings together business practitioners, industry thought-leaders and experts/academics to help organisations to tackle today's business challenges through an ongoing programme of workshops and highly focused research projects.

Primary Objective of the Centre

To promote Customer Focus and Service Excellence best practice through observing practice in leading companies and synthesising this into useful knowledge that helps members to improve their own Customer Management and Customer Service plans and implementations.

Benefits of membership

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1) In March 2019, Professor Moira Clark presented the overall award to Firstsource Solutions UK Ltd at the UK Complaint Handling Awards'19 presentation ceremony. She also acted as a judge for these awards. If you want to know more about the awards and category winners please use the link Winners and finalists

2) The HCCM has developed a short survey focusing on issues in customer management that are presenting a challenge to individuals in their role currently, and also their likely impact in the future. The survey asked the three following questions:

The survey was initially distributed to HCCM contacts and members attending a workshop at Henley, as well as being featured on the Huntswood LinkedIn page. The survey was also distributed to Henley Business School alumni who are located worldwide.

In total, 407 responses were received, and the findings are summarized in our report that can be viewed at Issues in Customer Management (05.01.2019).

Further Information

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